Website Upgrade / Facelift

Was your website designed 5-10 years ago? In the past few years, there have been technological innovations introduced that you might want to incorporate into your site. Websites have gotten wider and more interactive. There is a lot more integration with blogs and social media sites.

Is your site responsive? I.e does your site work well your site works on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and Adroid-based devices. It may not be that your site was designed badly or wrong or it may have been perfectly fine for the time when it was designed, but times have changed — leaving your website looking out of date.

Perhaps it is time for a website upgrade (face lift). The nature of the web design is that that the web is in constant flux. We can do so many things today with websites that we could not do just a few years ago when the technology simply did not exist. You probably took a fair amount of time a few years ago to construct your website, and your business hasn’t changed much. So why should you make changes to your site? Simple… If your website does not look up to date, you look out of date.

Upgrade time is also a good time to review your content and post updated articles, testimonials, client lists, professional affiliations, awards and seals of approval. When you sell to your clients in person or on the phone, you are armed with all the most recent information available. Think of your website as a sales person for you. Does your website contain all the information it needs to close the deal for you?

What we can do is take your present website, use what you have there already, any new materials and then create a much better version with the newest scripting, coding, graphics and CSS, that will be compatible for all modern browsers. Your website will look more graphically appealing to your clients which of course means more sales or inquiries.

Most of what we design today is based in WordPress. WordPress gives you so much power to do things like basic content management, forms, photo galleries, e-commerce, blogs and more.

If you are interested in upgrading your website, feel free to call us to discuss your needs.