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Scott Herman

Scott P. Herman
“Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”

My name is Scott Herman and I am a website designer. I started designing websites back in 1995. I had just opened up an Internet Café called Common Grounds Internet Café. It was the first Internet café in western New York.

My café offered access to the Internet when not everyone had it in the palm of their hands. I also had a training room in the back of the café where I ran classes for individuals and companies on Internet, desktop applications and website design.

Almost as soon as I opened the doors, people started asking me to design their websites. I had a degree in marketing and a background in computer aided drafting and design so website creation came naturally to me.

While running the cafe it became very clear that the future of the business was in website design. It was much more profitable than pouring money down the drain… literally. So, in August of 2001, the cafe was closed and all efforts were focused on website design.

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I have designed over 1,000 websites for clients all over the world. Most of the sites are for small to mid-sized companies or organizations. I pride myself on being able to provide a top-level service at an affordable price.

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Below is an interview of Scott Herman from 2010 done through the Small Business Development Center.