Audio Editing

We can do the following:

  • Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, coughs, beeps, etc.
  • Remove unwanted silence in the beginning, end, or anywhere in between
  • Remove parts of a conversation, such as unwanted words, sentences, or even whole topics
  • Add music to your recording, such as an introduction and closing fade-in/fade-out, or low background music behind the person speaking
  • Boost the volume of one or more speakers so they’re easier to hear

This is great for many types of audio recording projects. For instance:

  • Recorded interviews – We all get nervous sometimes and sometimes that comes through in the recording. We can edit your recording to make things sound as smooth and polished as possible.
  • Training/Sales Presentations – Maybe you did a live presentation and some parts of the presentation don’t apply to people listening to the replay. We can cut out parts you don’t want.
  • Information Products – Use your recordings as a product to teach people how to do something.

We can prepare your recordings for whatever publishing method you want, such as:

  • MP3 Download (or other popular file formats)
  • Streaming Flash Audio
  • Audio CDs

It is amazing what can be done to clean up audio and how big of a difference it can make. Done right, audio editing can make a recording sound much more professional. Let us show you how good you can sound!

Listen to a brief before/after sample below.