Photo Editing

animated picture of photo restorration

Bring your old photos back to life with WebEditor’s Photo Restoration services.

  • Repair damaged photos
  • Preserve your old photographs
  • Edit family photos to remove that cousin you don’t like
  • Colorize your grandparents’ wedding photo

Restored photographs printed on paper that won’t fade over time make wonderful gifts and heirlooms.

I built a separate website for this service.  Check out Your Box of Photos.

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Faded to Focus

This image was faded with moisture, scuffs and dirt damage. Also, someone tried to fix it with marker by drawing buttons an cuffs on it.  Check out the huge difference before and after!

Faded to Focus before

Faded to Focus after

Fixed up

All fixed up and colorized.

old picture before

old picture after

Get off My Back!

An jumper wanted to show a photo of him jumping without the instructor on his back.

jump before

jump after

Jigsaw Puzzle

This image was a real mess. it was in 8 pieces and had some water damage and tape damage. 4 hours later, it was fully restored.

rose pieces before

rose pieces after

Move Over Grandma

In the original image grandma is partially hidden.  Using another photo from the wedding, I moved her over.  Note the attention to details like the shadow under the groom’s ear and the opacity of the veil.  The key to good Photoshop work is never letting anyone know you were even there.

move over grandma before

move over grandma after