E-mail Services

Branded E-mail

Once you have a domain name hosted on WebEditor you have quite a few options as to how your mail is handled. We can:

  • Create a pop account on our server where you can retrieve your e-mail though Microsoft Outlook® or some other product that supports POP accounts.
  • Forward your e-mail to an account on another provider–i.e., we can bounce your mail to your gmail account.
  • Divert the mail traffic to your exchange server.

Each domain name is allowed three free e-mail addresses. Each additional e-mail address associated with the domain name costs $5.00 per month. To reduce spam, we recommend avoiding usernames with common names or dictionary words.

If you want to use a third-party mail service like Microsoft 365, Google Mail or an Exchange server, we can set up all the appropriate settings on our mail server to point to those services.

Web Mail

You have your choice of using RoundCube, Hoard or SquirrelMail for your webmail.  Or, we can help you get set up to use gmail and have your branded e-mail address as the return address in gmail.

Incoming E-mail Spam Filtering

We have partnered with Spam Experts.

For $10.00 per month for an entire domain, we can set you up to use their service for incoming mail filtering. 

You’ll get a daily report showing all the spam delivered for each e-mail address.  This report will show you all the messages that they filtered out with options for each message to:

  • Release
  • Release and Train
  • Whitelist Sender and Release
  • Blacklist Sender and Remove

Check out their fancy video here: https://www.spamexperts.com/services/incoming-filtering

Backup of E-mail

If you are interested in having your mail backed up in the cloud, we can offer you a 10 gigabyte limit for $10 per month for the entire domain name.  This is also done through Spam Experts.

Mailing Lists

WebEditor is a Constant Contact Solutions Provider.  We can help you get set up and even send out your content for you.  Just ask.