Website Hosting

Any “bargain-basement” hosting company can sell their services for low prices if they are willing to overload their servers with high traffic websites. Too much traffic on a server can slow everything to a crawl. We keep the load on our servers low by not taking on large clients.

Too often ambitious Internet companies overextend themselves in hopes of grabbing big market share to become instant millionaires. We have all seen what happens to Internet companies that try to do too much too fast. We are a small company, and we plan on staying that way.

Our Servers

Our servers are located in the Main Place Tower in downtown Buffalo, NY.  I have a cage at Centrillogic.  See

That facility has:

  • 24 hour security with biometric access control and camera surveillance.
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Climate control

I have 4 1U blade servers with fast processors, lots of RAM and plenty of storage space.  They run CentOS UNIX.  They are:

  1. Primary Web Server
  2. Mail Server
  3. Backup server
  4. Duplicate of the hardware used in the three above in case we need parts.

The servers all have RAID arrays for redundancy.


All data is backed up in multiple ways.

  1. Each night the Mail and Web servers copy the changed data to each other.
  2. Databases are backed up once an hour and kept for 2 weeks.
  3. Each night the changed data is copied to the backup server.  Those backups are archived nightly for a week and then weekly.
  4. Once a month we swap out a disk in the RAID array of the Mail and Web server and take it off site.  We have 2 months of backups off site in case of a disaster with that building.

If you want additional backup redundancy, I can help you to set up a backup solution to the cloud or another server.

Customer Service

Using a larger website hosting company means that you can wait on hold for extended wait times and you’ll never get to talk to the same person twice. Hosting your site with WebEditor means that you will be able to pick up the phone and talk to the same person every time. No middle men. Scott carries his phone on him at all times. If you do have to leave a voice mail, be assured that Scott returns all calls in a timely manner.