E-mail Services

Branded E-mail

Once you have a domain name hosted on WebEditor you have quite a few options as to how your mail is handled. We can:

  • Create a pop account on our server where you can retrieve your e-mail though Microsoft Outlook® or some other product that supports POP accounts.
  • Forward your e-mail to an account on another provider–i.e., we can bounce your mail to your gmail account.
  • Divert the mail traffic to your exchange server.

Each domain name is allowed three free e-mail addresses. Each additional e-mail address associated with the domain name costs $5.00 per month. To reduce spam, we recommend avoiding usernames with common names or dictionary words.

If you want to use a third-party mail service like Microsoft 365, Google Mail or an Exchange server, we can set up all the appropriate settings on our mail server to point to those services.

Web Mail

We use RoundCube for our web-based e-mail. You can retrieve your mail from your account while you travel or even use it as your primary method of managing your e-mail.

Spam and Virus Filtering

We use Spamassassin to tag spam and possible spam. We do not filter out the mail unless you request it. Otherwise the subjects get marked with the [POSSIBLE SPAM] tags. You can then use your mail program to filter out the unwanted e-mail. We do not check your e-mail for viruses. You are responsible for having an up-to-date virus program.

Whitelists and BlackLists

If a message is being mislabeled as spam we can add the subject or sender to a white list so that their e-mail bypasses Spamassassin. If you are getting spam or harassing e-mail from a specific user, we can send that mail right to the garbage for you. All you need to do is send Scott an e-mail request.


If you are going to be unavailable for an extended amount of time you might consider putting an autoresponder on your e-mail. You need to contact Scott for the initial setup. After that, you can manage it yourself through a the webmail program on our server. This service is free of charge. If you need more complex autoresponders with file attachments, we can do this for you billed at the standard rate.

Mailing Lists

WebEditor is a Constant Contact Solutions Provider.  We can help you get set up and even send out your content for you.  Just ask.


We keep a backup of all incoming mail for our POP accounts for two weeks. In the event that you would need us to retrieve backups for you, you would be charged at our standard rate.

How E-mail Works

If you are interested, here is a flow diagram of what happens to e-mail as it comes into our server.