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A web site should not just be a simple cookie-cutter template. A web site should represent you and what you do. Whether your needs for a design are sophisticated, polished, whimsical, serious, lively, sober or lighthearted, I design sites which are impeccably suited to the identity of my clients.

In order to be a good web designer you need to have 3 skill sets: computers, design and marketing. If even one of those skill sets is lacking the result could be a site that looks great but does not work, or a site that works great, but looks terrible.

Having a designer who understands your needs and provides you with a well executed and thought provoking solution is priceless. Some designers, no matter how talented, will never learn how to tune into their clients' needs in that way.

Who is WebEditor?

My name is Scott Herman and I am a web site designer.

When I was younger I wanted to be an architect. What attracted me to architecture was the idea of designing structures that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and functional -- essentially designing "spaces that work." As a web designer I do just that!.

When I was in high school in the late 1980s I participated in a two year CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) program. It was one of the first of its kind in the country. I found that computers came very naturally to me. The computer became an extension of my mind and I was able to create things I could never do by hand. The summer after graduation I was working as a CAD draftsman for a prominent architecture firm and an engineering firm.

My dream of becoming an architect came to an end when I encountered a great deal of resistance from UB's (State University of NY at Buffalo) School of Architecture towards CAD users. They wanted people who would work with more traditional drafting tools. I shifted gears and studied marketing while I worked my way through college as a CAD draftsman and then later selling AutoCAD®, teaching AutoCAD and other computer skills, building and servicing computers and doing training and consulting all over the country. I graduated in 1995 from UB with a degree in Marketing and a lot of experience.

In 1995 the world wide web was brand new and everyone wanted to learn about it. I opened Common Grounds Internet Café in October of 1995 as a place where people could come learn about technology in a non-threatening environment. People could come in for a cup of coffee, surf the web or participate in one of many classes offered in our computer training room.

Shortly after I opened the café, people started coming to me asking me to design web sites for them. This seemed like a natural thing for me. It used my design skills, marketing education and computer skills. Before long, web design became my primary focus.

In the year 2000 I closed the café to dedicate my efforts on my web site design business. Since 1995 I have designed over 700 web sites. I really do enjoy what I do. I hope you will give me the opportunity to make you one of my happy customers.

Check out some examples of my work.

Why use WebEditor?

  1. Personal service - When you work with a large company to design and host your web site, you become a number. I've kept my business small so that I can service my clients' needs personally. When you call my phone number, you will always get ME on the phone -- not some faceless person in a foreign country with a less than adequate ability to speak the English language. If need be, we can work together using one of a number of computer sharing software so that I work on your computer for you or you can watch me design your web site like you are sitting right next to me.

  2. Experience - I've been doing web design since 1995. In that time, I have designed over 700 web sites. I understand how to make web sites effective, visually appealing and compatible with a variety of different browsers.

  3. Honesty - When you ask my opinion, I'll always give you an honest answer, even if it is not in my best interest. There have been many times when customers have asked me to do a project that would not have a good cost/benefit. Many times, I can find simple and effective solutions that cost you less money. I don't make as much when I do this, but I believe that happy customers come back and refer others. Honesty is just good business.

  4. Integrity - I think being professional is important. I will always look out for the best interest of my customers. Even if a customer decides to leave my services, I'll do my best to make the transition a smooth one and point out any pitfalls I might see along the way. Over the years a few customers have left my services looking for someone cheaper or more local and then come back to me when they need better service. I always treat my customers with respect because without happy customers, I don't have a business.

  5. Responsiveness and reliability - While I try to only work during business hours because of my wife and three children, I have my phone on my 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. I have two system administrators and a few programmers to whom I can reach out to for technical issues with the servers if need be. ISPs who do not respond to technical issues quickly and effectively do not stay in business long. We understand the importance of a having your web site up and your e-mail delivered. While technical issues are rare, they do happen. The difference is how well we respond to problems when they do occur.

  6. Fast servers and fast connection - Our servers are located in a secure facility in Buffalo, NY.

  7. Backups - Our servers use mirrored hard drives and are backed up multiple ways including daily and archived backups. We keep a backup of our incoming mail stream for 2 weeks in case you ever have a problem.

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